Withdraw The CAP!

The EU common agricultural policy

Dear EU leaders,

On Friday the 23rd of October, you let us down once again, in voting for a dirty deal, which betrays not only your commitments to the Paris agreement, but also your commitments to justice and to democracy. A deal which was agreed through a backroom compromise, a deal which you have made seemingly every effort to greenwash. Our hope now is that The European Commission will make the decision to withdraw this proposal entirely.

In recent years and months, you have made many promises, such as reducing emissions, to be “climate-neutral” by 2050, and in Paris, you promised to aim to limit global mean temperature increase to well under 2 degrees. On these promises, you are letting us down. You ask us to trust you, but how can we trust you when you make promises - only to break them when it benefits you. Our trust must be earned, and you have done nothing to deserve it.

For more than two years, young people all over the world have been striking from school, and protesting alongside other movements and NGOs, to demand real action from you, our so-called leaders. Over and over again you have smiled, and shown your “support” for our movement and for the Most Affected People and Areas. We have lost count of the number of times you have told us we inspire you, but a movement like ours should not be inspiring to you. There is nothing to be celebrated in the fact that your children must go out onto the streets and demand that you act on a crisis, that fact should make you deeply uncomfortable. The need for the school strikes movement speaks to the failure of people in positions of power, people like you. This Friday, you demonstrated this failure once again, and we will continue to strike because you refuse to stand on the side of justice, the side of the people of this earth, and of generations to come.

On this Friday, you voted to prioritize profit and economic greed over preserving the planet’s habitability for humanity and to incentivize harmful agricultural practices, and the loss of soil fertility and biodiversity, over sustainable choices. These choices will not just impact Europe, but the entire world. Those of you who have abstained from voting have made the same choice. You have chosen instead to inflict disaster and suffering upon the Most Affected People and Areas, upon humanity and generations of people going forward, but you do not need us to tell you this. You did this in the full knowledge of what you were voting for, you know what you have done. Know this as well: We understand the science and we know what is at stake, we are watching, and we will never forgive you. You will not get away with this.


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  • Saoi O’Connor, Ireland
  • Mitzi Jonelle Tan, Philippines
  • Patrick-Wilhelm Larm, Germany
  • Linus Dolder, Germany
  • Matti Lehmann, Germany
  • Jonas Klein, Germany
  • Sofia Gutierrez, Colombia
  • Mohab Sherif, Egypt
  • Abel Rodrigues, Brazil
  • Greta Thunberg, Sweden
  • João Daniel Mendonça, Portugal
  • Isabelle Axelsson, Sweden
  • Bianca Castro, Portugal
  • Erik Christiansson, Netherlands
  • Valerie Peer, Austria
  • Lena Woschitz, Austria
  • Martina Comparelli, Italy
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